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Schedule 30 Sprinkler Pipe

Youngstown Tube manufactures EZ-Thread (schedule 30) pipe in sizes 1" thru 2" using only high quality domestic steel coils. This ensures a uniform superior product for threading, roll grooving, welding or plain end uses. Youngstown Tube's EZ-Thread pipe is produced under ASTM A135/A795 Type E, Grade A, NH standards. Every piece is Eddy-Current tested and conforms to internal SPC testing and recording.

EZ-Thread is manufactured to tighter O.D. tolerances and incorporates lighter gauge steel than standard schedule 40 pipe. This creates a cost effective threadable pipe which has UL CRR (Corrosion Resistance Ratio) value in excess of standard schedule 40 product.

Youngstown Tube EZ-Thread steel sprinkler pipe is coated with a waterbased black enamel coating, YTC Guard antimicrobial coating and a continuous color coded blue stencil, and stored indoors ready for immediate shipment.

Approvals: UL Listed, CUL Listed, FM Approved

Youngstown Tube schedule 30 pipe meets the rigorous testing and certification processes of Underwriters Laboratory and Factory Mutual for steel sprinkler pipe with working pressures of 300 psi or less. It also meets the requirements of NFPA 13.

"EZ-Thread" Schedule 30 *

Pipe Size Pipe OD Pipe ID Nominal Wall Weight per Foot Standard Length Pieces per Bundle Feet per Bundle Weight per Bundle UL Threaded CRR
1 1.295 1.095 .106 1.34 21 61 1,281 1,716 1.14
1 1.645 1.420 .114 1.86 21 61 1,281 2,382 1.12
1 1.892 1.653 .121 2.28 21 44 924 2,106 1.06
2 2.368 2.116 .127 3.03 21 37 777 2,354 1.11

* EZ-Thread pipe can not be cut-grooved.

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